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Acommerce is a system for the operation of electronic commerce (e-commerce) designed and developed by Avantgarde Soluzioni Informatiche Ltd

The platform is built using the tools and the technologies from Microsoft, with a scalable and distributed architecture, to ensure optimum performance* and a high degree of safety.

The “open-source” platforms in fact, because of their nature, expose all the structural features and design, making publicly available the inevitable flaws.

Acommerce instead is a proprietary software, whose technical and functional characteristics are not in the public domain. In addition, to further increase the safety, the useful management area (Back Office) is implemented using a separate site, thus ensuring isolation from the section devoted to the Customers of the shop (Front End).

One of the strengths of our product is the strong integration with the computer systems of commercial and technical partners for our clients.

The modular structure of Acommerce makes it possible to extend its functionality even after activation, choosing from the many plug-in modules that automatically run several kind of functions like interfacing with vendors catalogs, courier services, payment systems, marketplaces, price comparators, etc.

The Acommerce platform is on the market in its current form since 2004, with the first published version called 1.0. The current version 4.5 is the result of evolution that only being in a highly competitive market for over 8 years can generate.

Discover the main features of Acommerce clicking the following link: The main features of Acommerce platform.


Acommerce, the complete solution to your needs.

(*) Performances also depend on hardware and bandwidth used.

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